Digga have been designing and manufacturing auger drives in Australia forover 30 years with innovation as key to their success....

The pioneer of Auger Drilling Drive* in the world. DIGGA has released the next generation of Auger drives Digga’srange of two speed drives ore set to revolutionise the drilling industry The patented gear box of DIGGA is connected directly to hydro motor resulting in ZERO power loss. DIGGA Auger Drives are known for high performance in toughest conditions The patented Planetary gear box of Digga is connected directly to the Hydro-motor, resulting in zero power loss. Diggo Auger Drives ore known for high performance in toughest conditions Nothing goes wrong with these drives, if just timely lubrication is token core of These drives ore known to give years of reliable and trouble-free performance. Digga offers a warranty of 18 months on their drives

Imagine having the choice between high speed or high torque... it's like owning two drives in one...

Two speed drives allow the operator to switch between two options, low speed (high torque) and high speed (low torque) When drilling with a large auger or in hard ground, the high torque option will give fa maximum torque for optimum drilling performance while drilling with
smaller diameter augers or in softer ground where drilling the hole faster is more important then power, you can simply switch to high speed where torque will be ample for drilling performance

If quality, performance and up time are important to you, then Digga Auger Drives are the smartest choice.

Advantages of Our DIGGA Auger

  • Robust and solid construction
  • High Drilling torque providing more powerful drilling
  • Tungsten carbide cutting teeth enabling powerful performance even in hard soil and weathered rock formations
  • Telescopic extension rods available for deep drilling





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