An AMPHIBIOUS EXCAVATOR is specifically designed to manoeuvre in marshes, swampy area and soft terrain with the ability to float on water as an added safety feature. Thanks to the patented ‘multi-synchronous hydraulic motor direct drive’ system, the pivotal technology that positions us at the forefront of amphibious excavator design.


  • Maintenance and cleaning of waterways, lakes, shorelines, ponds, etc.
  • Erosion control and prevention.
  • Deepening of waterways and river deltas.
  • Maintenance and repair of natural environment.
  • Flood protection and flood maintenance works.
  • Landscape building and protection.
  • Accessing difficult strands of water/soft terrain.
  • Swamp and wetland construction. • Road building through wetlands.

The amphibious excavator is completely self-propelled, it can access virtually any soft terrains where standard excavator fear most.