Simex TF cutter heads are ideal for trenching, profiling rock and cement walls, tunneling, quarrying, demolition, dredging, finishing operations and underwater works. They are highly effective where conventional excavation systems are too weak and percussion systems have little effect. Their quiet operation allows them to be put to work near sensitive areas (residential zones, hospitals, schools, bridges and infrastructure). Especially recommended for finishing operations, where high precision, minimum disturbance and optimum aesthetic result are required.

The patented cutter heads TFC series with continuous cutting are specially designed for mounting on mini-excavators and 6-12 ton excavators . Their innovative system allows whole width of the attachment to cut without breaks at center or side footprints. Ideal for finishing flat surfaces and trenches. Quiet and precise in the work area, they do not intrude on the surrounding area. Versatile and high-performing, they can be utilized for crushing roots and tree trunks, milling asphalt and cement, milling plaster (thanks to lateral disks there is perfect control of the layer removed).



Tunnel Works



Road Work

Mining & Quarries


Cable Laying

Canal Work

Pipe Laying

High Altitude Works

Municipal Work