SMS side grip pile drivers are excavator-mounted, high frequency, vibratory-type pile drivers – for handling, pitching, driving, and extracting the different types of piles in a wide range of site and soil conditions. Side Grip pile driver is designed to overcome obstacles such as low overhead clearance and narrow passageways, as well as eliminate the need for peripheral equipment to be used in the piling operation

360° rotation, +-30° tilt, 3-axis action, drives the piles precisely, no need for extra labour to guide the pile.

Clamps the piles from the side, no lifting height limitation, no need to extend the boom to drive long piles. Excellent for confined working space.

The top grip vibratory hammer clamps the pile from upper end, and the bottom is shaking all the time. By contrast the side grip clamps the pile from the side, no need to bind and lock the pile for stability

Advanced design with circulating cooling, no high temperature failures.

Popular branded components used in SMS hammers to ensure good performance and long life, such as bearing , vibration motor, and valves





Municipal Work

Municipal Work

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Pipe Laying


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