DTR Breakers are designed and built in India for tough Indian conditions:

Constant Blow Energy

Memberane Type Accumulator

Robust Body

Made in India

For underwater breaking applications, TABE is probably the only option for you

The development of TABE, with more than 45 years of accumulated experience is your guarantee that TABE Hammers are reliable, cost effective and durable. Due to its “no through bolts” engineering the TABE Breaker range provides the best solution for your needs in Underwater breaking, Civil Engineering, Mining and Demolition

Advantages of the TABE Breaker :

  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Monobloc structure in light range.
  • Without through bolts.
  • Underwater work without any modification Autolube system.
  • Longer useful life.





General Construction

Pipe Laying

High Altitude Works