Are you looking to bolster your fleet of excavators? With our long reach booms, you can take your fleet to the next level; where standard booms fail to get the job done. EIK long reach booms can help you to achieve more than 50% digging depth and forward reach over a standard boom, which saves both time and money.


  • Use of high strength steel for increased reliability.
  • Use of OEM grade bucket cylinder, easy access to spares globally.
  • Robotically welded for superior workmanship and consistency.
  • Upgarde bucket to HD bucket.
  • FEA Analysis advancement.
  • Premium pins and hoses.
  • High Return on Investment.


· Marine and river dredging either on land or on barge.

· Breakwater construction.

· Basement and deep foundation excavation.

· Construction of ditches, levees and pond maintenance.

· Tailing dam maintenance in mining operation.

Cable Laying

Canal works


Material Handling